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Pocahontas County Free Libraries (PCFL)

Strategically located throughout the county’s 950 mountainous square miles, the five branches of the Pocahontas County Free Libraries are models for providing library service to rural Americans. As centers of activity in their communities, the libraries host groups such as scouts, business associations, town council, blood drives, a preschool playgroup, and after school programs.

The libraries are cornerstones of civic engagement. They receive thousands of hours of volunteer service and substantial and steady local contributions. Last year local funding provided 73 percent of operating expenses versus 27 percent state and federal dollars, a high ratio for small, rural library systems.

PCFL is home to the largest West Virginia and Appalachian collection of any small library in the state and has a Heritage Room with local historical materials and facilities for genealogical research. The Pearl S. Buck E Pluribus Unum Collection, named for Nobel Laureate and author Pearl Buck who was born in Hillsboro, Pocahontas County, is currently under development to serve as a resource to foster better respect for human diversity. The Pocahontas Free Libraries actively cosponsor a number of historic and cultural projects with other community groups, including a biographical film of a legendary local newspaper editor, a book and radio show about the history of forest fire towers, and a veteran’s oral history project.

The library has worked hard to expand its physical as well as its intellectual resources. With support from local groups, the system built two new buildings and extensively renovated two existing buildings during the last ten years.

Pocahontas County Free Libraries Mission Statement

"The mission of the Pocahontas County Free Libraries is to serve as the principal resource for the informational needs of all the citizens of Pocahontas County and its visitors.

Our goals are intellectual stimulation, lifelong learning, cultural enrichment, and recreational reading, by providing inviting environments in our libraries and then reaching into the communities to expand the library beyond its physical boundaries."

Pocahontas County Free Libraries Policies

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Pocahontas County Free Libraries Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is composed of five members as appointed by the Pocahontas County Commission. Appointments are for five years, and new appointments and re-appointments are made by the Commission. Trustee terms begin on July 1. In order to establish fair county representation, the Board attempts to propose candidates in nomination so as to provide a representative from each of the five recognized library branches (Durbin, Green Bank, Linwood, McClintic and Hillsboro). Further information concerning the responsibilities of the Trustees can be found in the by-laws at any branch library.

The PCFL Board of Trustees meets the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. Please contact Director Cree Lahti for location information, or see the posted agenda at any PCFL branch.

Sue Ann Heatherly, President. Expiration of Term—June 30,2022

Carol Woody, Vice-President. Expiration of Term—June 30, 2020

Paul Marganian, Secretary. Expiration of Term—June 30, 2019

Michelle Jeffers, Treasurer. Expiration of Term—June 30, 2018

Denise McNeel, Member. Expiration of Term—June 30, 2021