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Library Card Policy

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Requirements for an Adult Patron Card

A picture ID with a current address or two of the following:

  • Piece of recently cancelled mail received by patron at their current address

  • Driver's license

  • Social security card

  • Birth certificate

  • Military ID

  • Passport

  • Check book with current address

  • Voter registration card with current address

Failure to supply library staff with complete information, including full name, address and telephone number will result in a refusal to issue a library card.

Patrons will be required to present their library cards to check out materials.

A patron may not sure another person's library card to check out materials.


The first library card is free. Replacement cards will be issued for a fee of $1. When issuing a new card, a patron must be warned that the old card is no longer valid at any library and should it be found, it should be destroyed. Each patron is to have only one barcode number.


Library cards will expire annually. When a patron attempts to use an expired card, the home library is responsible for updating the patron's personal information and renewing the patron's card. The patron must show proof of residence and have no outstanding fines or overdue materials in order for his or her library card to be renewed.

Requirements for a Child's Patron Card

  • A child under the age of 16 must have a parent present in order to be issued a library card.

  • If a child attends the Marlinton Elementary School or the Hillsboro Elementary School, he/she will be issued a library card that will remain in the library, unless a parent requests to possess the library card. Library cards will be given to students upon leaving the elementary schools for middle school.

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