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Loan Rules Policy


The library makes the following types of materials available for lending for the stated length of time:

  • Books, audio books, CD’s — 2 weeks

  • Circulating Reference — 3 days

  • Magazines — 2 weeks

  • Videos, DVDs — 5 days

  • Appalachian videos — 2 weeks

  • Instructional/educational videos — 2 weeks

Other reference materials, and materials in the History/Genealogy Room do not circulate.

Materials are loaned free of charge, with the exception of videos and DVD’s. Movies, either VHS or DVD, cost $1 for 5 days. Instructional, educational and Appalachian videos are free of charge.

Certain books, such as examination textbooks, require a deposit totaling the replacement cost of the book in order to circulate. This deposit is held until the books are returned.

An extended length of the loan period is available for materials that are not in high demand. This privilege will be granted by branch librarians at his/her discretion.

Adult patrons may check out a maximum of 10 items on their library card. This is a recommended limit and may be extended if a parent is checking out children’s books and requires more than 10 items. Children may check out a maximum of five items on their library card.


All library materials may be renewed two (2) times, unless on reserve for another patron. Materials presented for renewal that have reserves on them must be returned immediately. Requests for renewals may be made in person, by telephone, or by email.


Library books may be returned to any branch of the Pocahontas County Libraries. If a book is returned to a branch that is the property of another branch, or another library within the West Virginia Library Network, the receiving library will check the book in. Fines will stop accruing then, but the book will not be considered returned until the owning library checks it in. It will be listed as “in transit.” The receiving library is responsible for returning the item to the owning library in a timely manner.


Any library material may be put on reserve for a patron. If the item is owned by another library, it should be considered an inter-library loan and should be handled in that manner.

The patron will be notified as soon as the reserved material is available. Once notified, the patron has five (5) days to pick up the reserved item.

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