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Meeting Room Policy

The Pocahontas County Libraries shall be open for use by groups and organizations in an effort to help meet the needs of our various communities. The libraries will strive to make the meeting rooms at each facility available on an equitable basis.

Authorization for Meeting Room Use

  • The Library Board, Director or staff, by granting permission for an organization or group to use a meeting room, do not in any way endorse, approve or disapprove of the group’s beliefs or policies.

  • Library-sponsored programs that require the use of a meeting room shall take precedence over public meetings.

  • No group may use the meeting rooms more than twelve (12) times in a calendar year without special permission in writing from the Library Director.

  • The Library reserves the right to deny future use of the meeting rooms to any group or organization that does not follow the meeting room policies.

Meeting Room Policies

  • An application form is to be completed for each group wishing to use a meeting room. These forms will include the name of the group, the group’s designated representative and responsible party, contact information, and estimated meeting date schedule if known. Forms will be kept on file at the library circulation desk.

  • Meetings that run after scheduled library hours may continue, but people will be confined to the meeting room and will not have access to the main library, including the copy machine, after hours.

  • Groups that need access to McClintic’s meeting room before hours, or on a day the library is closed must have the group’s designated representative pick up a key to the outer door of the meeting room the day before the scheduled meeting. Keys should be returned the day of the meeting, either to a staff member or in the book return if the library is closed. In the case of a lost key, the group will be responsible for the costs of changing the door lock and having five new keys made.

  • Users of the meeting room may be asked to leave if use or behavior is deemed by the Librarian to be disruptive or in any way contrary to library policy.

  • Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the library, the meeting rooms, or on library grounds.

Applying for Meeting Room Use

  • Reservations may be made in person or by telephone during regular business hours with staff librarians. The applicant must specify the name of the group, the name of the designated representative, contact information, date, time and length of meeting, and the number of expected attendees. Fee amount will be agreed upon at the time of application. Payment will be due the day of the meeting unless an approved account for invoicing has been set up.

  • Time for set-up and clean up should be included in the meeting time requested.

  • Fees can be refunded in case of cancellation. Excessive cancellation and rebooking may result in fees not being refunded.

Meeting Room User Responsibilities

  • Meeting room users agree to return the room to its original state. Each library shall provide the group’s designated representative with a checklist of things to do to ensure that this is done. This checklist should be signed by the representative and returned to the Librarian.

  • Food and drink may be served during meetings. Users agree to provide all refreshments and to ensure that food and drink remain in the meeting room.

  • Meeting room users agree to pay for any and all damages to library property including, but not limited to, walls, floors, carpeting, furniture and grounds, while applicant is using the facility.

  • Equipment, such as televisions, VCR or DVD recorders, coffee pots, etc. may be available to users upon request. All requests should be made at the time of application. The user accepts responsibility for any equipment used, and agrees to pay replacement costs or repair for any equipment damaged while being used by the applicant.

  • Meeting room users should be sensitive to the needs of the regular library patrons by monitoring noise levels during the meeting.

  • Meeting room users must also be sensitive to regular patron needs in regards to parking. Users of the McClintic branch meeting room should park on the side street to leave parking space available for normal library traffic.

Publicity of Public Meetings

  • Any publicity, including but not limited to, brochures, flyers, radio and TV announcements, newspaper ads, electronic communication, etc. must carry the name and telephone number of the individual or organization sponsoring the meeting.

  • The library telephone number may not appear on any publicity. Library staff cannot be responsible for telephone queries about non-library programs.

  • The name, mailing address, telephone number, FAX number, website or email address of the Pocahontas County  Libraries may not be used by the group or organization for correspondence or conducting business of any kind. Any correspondence or packages received at any library branch address will be returned as “Addressee unknown”.

Schedule of Fees

Half-day reserve (four hours or less)​

  • McClintic: $20.00

  • Branches: $15.00

Full-day reserve (five hours or more)

  • McClintic: $40.00

  • Branches: $30.00

Non-profit groups shall be asked to make a monetary donation, or an “in-kind” donation to the library. Each library shall provide non-profit applicants with a wish list of desirable or acceptable in-kind contributions.

Fees may be paid either in advance or on the day of the meeting. Groups requiring an invoice must make this request when applying.

These policies may be waived only by prior approval of the Board of Trustees.

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