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Patron Behavior Policy

The PCL Board of Trustees sets standards of acceptable behavior on its library premises to ensure an atmosphere that encourages the use and enjoyment of library resources and services, promotes the safety of the general public and the library staff, and protects library materials, equipment, building and grounds.

As a limited public forum, the library is open to the public for the limited use of reading, studying, using library materials and equipment, and participating in library sponsored or library approved programs.

Each library branch reserves the right to:

  • Require anyone who engages in disruptive behavior to leave the premises. Anyone asked to leave is not allowed to loiter in the building or on the grounds.

  • Report repeated disruptive behavior to the police, or in the case of children, to the parents.

  • Notify police immediately of unlawful or threatening activities.

  • Inspect patron backpacks, oversized handbags, shopping bags, or any type of case that may hold library materials.

The library Board of Trustees reserve the right, at the discretion of the library director, to:

  • Restrict library privileges of disruptive individuals for a specified period of time.

  • Ban disruptive individuals from library premises for a specified period of time, including permanently.

  • Take legal action if necessary.

Any patron whose privileges have been denied may request to have this decision reviewed by the Library Board of Trustees. This request must be in writing.

Disruptive and UNACCEPTABLE behavior includes any activity that:

  • Interferes with the rights of other people to use the library.

  • Disrupts the normal functioning of the library.

  • May result in physical, emotional or mental injury to oneself or others

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